Who I am and why I’m here.

Who are you? Why are you here? These could be deep meaningful questions of life, padsion, and wonder. They can also be more practical questions which connect people by giving them a deeper understanding of one another. I am here to talk about the latter, though I’m sure the former will come up in some future post.

Who am i?
That has the simplest answer of the two. I am a crafter, a mother, a devoted partner, and a lover of life. I try to see most things in a positive, creative light. I strive for balance in my life and in my soul. I am an optimist to the core and a realist to boot! (Yes you can be both!)

My love for crafting and cooking has led me down the rabbit holes of more then a few fantastic blogs. Seeing the work others do inspires and energizes me. That’s what I’m hoping to bring to this blog. A sense of inspiration, exploration, and energy! I hope, in sharing my adventures with you, that you are inspired to go out and have your own adventures or create your own beautiful works of yarn art!

Why am I here?
There will be food, crocheting, crafting, and of course, Baby L!

I hope to connect to other crafters, mothers, and bloggers of a like mind. By this time next year I hope to have an established posting routine and possibly even my own line of crochet patterns. (A girl can dream, no?)

I’d be thrilled if you want to join me on this wild ride we call life. Let’s throw our hands up together as we plummet into adventure! (Cheesy enough for ya?)


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