A T-Rex Adventure: Day on the Farm

So we took the T-Rex (Baby L) out for her first visit to a farm to pick out a pumpkin. Oi!

(Yes, and to publically debut her Halloween hat. Mama couldn’t resist.)

T-Rex Model

I’m SO glad that project is done. Those spikes man…

After hitting traffic just as we got in, dealing with a poo-splosion in the car, and quickly nursing her while Dad got drinks, we finally got Baby L to the pumpkin patch.

There. Were. So. Many. People!

There. Were. So. Many. People!

We quickly grabbed noms for Mom and Dad and jumped on the back of a tractor for a hay ride down to the pumpkin field. Once there we found the perfect little circle of pumpkins to set the baby dino down in. She romped and rawred a bit before a pumpkin was placed on front of her.

Well, Hello!

Well, Hello!

Then it was all smiles as she explored every bit of the gourd.

Wait, what are you?

(The hat held up like a dream. It draped perfectly down to her bum and the spikes stood at attention just so!)

Fun on the Farm

She licked it, she smacked it, she rubbed it, and she even used it as a stand to pull herself up.

Up I go

Before long her selection had clearly been made!

I choose you little pumpkin.

I choose you little pumpkin.

We wrapped up our photo shoot just as the tractor arrived to take all the happy pumpkin pickers back to the main part of the farm to have their prizes weighed.

On the tractor back.

On the tractor back.

We jumped on, grabbing our pumpkin on the way out. She had, of course, torn her hat off at this point so it was replaced with her sun hat.

The traffic leaving the farm was so bad that it took us an hour just to get back on the main road, out of the parking lot! That enraged the T-Rex who decided to display her dissatisfaction by squealing. Constantly.The squealing, thankfully, only lasted 5 miles. (I know, i know, it could have been worse!)

trex hat

Two hours and four sore ear drums later, we made it home. Baby L had finally succumbed to the sleep she’d been fighting the whole way and all was peaceful within the car. Traffic notwithstanding, it was a beautiful day. A perfect day to put you in the mood for Fall and make you crave pie!

Spikes Pattern

Mmm…. Pie


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