After Work Ramblings

So it’s 11:30 pm as I write this and I’ve been off work for an hour but my mind is still going a million miles a minute.  I had an epiphany while feeling blue about my lack of blog posting time. I have very little time on a daily basis for blogging (I consider it my ‘me’ time). However, I have a bit more time on Sundays. 
My epiphany was realizing that I could write, or at the very least, outline, several posts on Sundays.

Like make ahead freezer meals (isn’t Ree the best!) my posts could be done ahead and then published daily. 



Now I won’t seem as though I’ve dropped off the grid during the week! I promise a post tomorrow with hopefully many more to follow!

(I’m not ignoring my Liebster Award nominations! )


One thought on “After Work Ramblings

  1. I had the very same thought! Sometimes the week gets so busy that I either don’t have time to write or I’m just totally uninspired. Once I have my editorial calendar figured out I plan on whipping up a few drafts so I can just post away 🙂


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