Monday’s Makes: Episode 1


Mondays suck. It’s a simple fact of life. So let’s make Mondays a little less mundane with a blog series! Monday’s Makes. I considered calling it Wednesday’s WIPs but I figured Monday could use a little more love then Wednesday.


Furthest down on my ‘to do’ list of crochet projects is this luscious lovely. It’s a Puff Stitch slouch beany. I made the band a little differently. I did horizontal fpdc and bpdc rather then vertical back loop only like it says in the pattern. I prefer this technique because it gives it a little more stretch and spring.
It was coming along beautifully until I realized I would run out of yarn before I was finished. Drat! So now it’s on the back burner until I can order more. I just love working on it though.


Of only slightly more importance then the hat, we have a gift bag. I doubt I’ll enclose all my crochet gifts in equally time consuming gift bags but I thought I’d have at least one or two for the extra special family members. I plan on making them drawstring and tying them with a crocheted poinsettia. I’m not using a pattern for it. Just wingin’ it.


On to something delicious! This began as a side project/mindless scarf for myself. However, feeling the crunch of Christmas gifts looming I have turned it into a soon-to-be colorful cowl for a close relative. Her colorful personality fits perfectly! This lovely pattern is the Mindless Scarf on Ravelry.


Hmm what to do with this

Not quite a ‘make’ just something I need your help with. I ordered 3 balls of this lovely ‘Autumn’ colored yarn. It’s a thick worsted weight green yarn with rainbow color flecks. I can’t figure out what to do with it! Any ideas? I’m looking for gift ideas for non crafters. I’m open to anything!

What’s on your hooks this week? Did you just finish something? Do you have anything that seems to be perpetually in the WIP stage? I’d love to hear about it!


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