Thick and Quick 2

Last weekend I wrote about Lion Brand’s ‘Hometown USA’ yarn in my Thick and Quick post. Well, I have exciting news:

The Man’s yarn arrived! Or, I should say, arrived a week ago. After only 3 more rows were added and the hat was cinched, it was done! An awesome, quick, warm, new hat. Made especially for his noggin.

Cozy and Warm

He was so funny, he watched the mail as eagerly as I did for the arrival of his second skein of yarn. He knew the completion of his hat was imminent and it was only a matter of materials.

Up close and cozy

This yarn was tons of fun to work with. Even with Baby L ‘helping’ me unravel the skein (an essential job of course). The hat worked up in about an hour total work time after all my materials arrived. A win win!


In other news, the rains have arrived and the season is making me feel positively festive. I’m not generally a fan of rolling out the holidays early, however, as a crafter, it’s completely necessary! I’m already feeling the pinch of time trying to get gifts done while balancing family time, work, and the itch to go hog wild decorating.

She loves to swing

Seriously, I’m ready to skip Halloween. I did my pumpkin run, I got my fall photos. Over it, lets decorate for Christmas! Is that crazy? I’ve had Christmas on the brain for a month already and it’s not even November yet. Anyone else feeling the holidays early? I need an extra month in between November and December!


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