I’m here, I swear

I formally promise to post more after the holidays. I’ve never been stretched so thin but blogging is my me time and I miss it! I will return in January.  Promise.


Pardon my dorky expression!


Pardon My Silence

Sometimes,  if I blink, the hours melt into days and suddenly it’s Thursday while I’m still contemplating the first of a series of posts that I wanted to call ‘Monday Makes’. I suppose that will have to be started next week.


So I beg of you, dear readers, forgive my silence.  It’s certainly not intentional. A real post is imminent as I have many fun things to share. For now Baby L is trying to eat my phone charger and I must run. Here are some fun crochet related things I’ve been mulling over in the past days;

Attic24’s Bauble decoration
This amazing square by Pukado
The Mindless Crochet Scarf on Ravelry

Crochet train

Wow! I’ve seen the crochet trees and bike racks but this is a whole train!!



当地时间2013年8月14日,波兰罗兹,波兰艺术家和毛线大师Olek(原名Agata Oleksiak)带领其团队“攻占”了一辆火车,用五彩的毛线将火车包裹起来,成了一道靓丽的风景线。

Agata Oleksiak, an crocheted artist use colorful wool to cover a train at 2013/08/14

this work is very big and interesting, Olek is a very famouse crocheted artist 。 Her work is usually very colorful。

Because she put real thing under the crochet piece,her work can shape itself。

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