Who I am and why I’m here.

Who are you? Why are you here? These could be deep meaningful questions of life, padsion, and wonder. They can also be more practical questions which connect people by giving them a deeper understanding of one another. I am here to talk about the latter, though I’m sure the former will come up in some future post.

Who am i?
That has the simplest answer of the two. I am a crafter, a mother, a devoted partner, and a lover of life. I try to see most things in a positive, creative light. I strive for balance in my life and in my soul. I am an optimist to the core and a realist to boot! (Yes you can be both!)

My love for crafting and cooking has led me down the rabbit holes of more then a few fantastic blogs. Seeing the work others do inspires and energizes me. That’s what I’m hoping to bring to this blog. A sense of inspiration, exploration, and energy! I hope, in sharing my adventures with you, that you are inspired to go out and have your own adventures or create your own beautiful works of yarn art!

Why am I here?
There will be food, crocheting, crafting, and of course, Baby L!

I hope to connect to other crafters, mothers, and bloggers of a like mind. By this time next year I hope to have an established posting routine and possibly even my own line of crochet patterns. (A girl can dream, no?)

I’d be thrilled if you want to join me on this wild ride we call life. Let’s throw our hands up together as we plummet into adventure! (Cheesy enough for ya?)


Thick and Quick

Thick and quick. No I’m not talking about how you want your ice cream.  I’m talking about every hooker’s favorite thing, yarn!


Walmart yarn shopping spree!

Walmart yarn shopping spree!

During one of our rare trips to Walmart,  as I was perusing the baby clothes the Man uttered my favorite sentence ‘we could buy some yarn’. Whew! Let me tell you, his sexy rating went up by 2! Adorable baby stuff instantly forgotten, I rushed over to the craft section where both he and I were delighted to see Lion Brand’s “hometown USA” line was on sale!
For those of you who haven’t seen this yet it is a super bulky yarn similar to their “thick and quick”. Ultra squooshy,  which is, I think, what finally convinced the Man that he wanted me to make him a hat out of it. You bet! I’m always delighted to do special requests for him and the fact that he was picking out his own yarn made it that much better!

We selected a pattern specifically for that type of yarn from Lion Brand’s website.  It is a basic slouchy beany pattern that is basically a bunch of hdc’s worked in the round until it’s the desired length. Simple right? Well this yarn makes it amazing.


The Man has a slightly bigger head so I upped the foundation chain by 5. I got a few rows up and quickly ran into a problem, I was running out of yarn! I never imagined a hat would take more then one skein but I’d also never worked with such thick yarn either! Guess I’m off to the store for more yarn! I just hope I can find the same color. I will certainly post pictures when it’s all done. For now, here is baby L modeling my W.I.P.


Have you ever run put of yarn unexpectedly?  We’re you able to get more?

Christmas Giftlist #1: Queen Anne Lace

I’m on the hunt! For Christmas gift patterns, that is. My mother-in-law has always been my top priority for Christmas shopping because she does so much for us throughout the year and i try to take every chance I can to show her how much we appreciate it. So, when I saw this Queen Anne Lace Scarf pattern I knew it was perfect for her.

My first adventure into the pattern happened when I first found it about a month ago. I had a ball of a super chunky, earthy, rainbow color yarn I found at Goodwill. After perusing Ravelry for the better part of an entire evening (no joke, must have been up until 3 am with a snoring man on one side and a snoozing baby on the other) I found this little nugget. It worked up decently but between the hook size I was using and the intricacies of the pattern, my small ball of yarn was quickly devoured.  By the time it was tied off the whole project was only long enough to be a baby cowl. So, of course, I seamed it up and ‘made it so!

Isn’t it darling?

Having tucked a bit of experience with the pattern under my belt I carried on… Until!


I scored these lovelies on another Goodwill run. I kid you not, they still smelled like a craft store. They were almost brand stinkin’ new! The tags one the squishy pastel yellow and pink ones says $5 a piece and I saw a partial tag on the blue ones (100% wool by the way!) that said $6 (There were 3. I’d just already gone through one by the time I snapped this). So $33 worth of yarn for $2.99. Yeah, I was thrilled!

After only a day of contemplating I knew what the soft blue wool was meant to be! Queen Anne Lace for My mother-in-law of course. I started working that evening with my trusty H hook. Mama’s favorite. But woe was me! After 4 or 5 motifs I realized my dang stiff hands kept my gauge much too tight for that hook and pattern combo. Thus began the agonizing task of pulling a part what I’d done thus far to salvage any yarn I could. Which, if you’ve ever done that with wool, you know, is hard! 100 or so tangles and knots later the strand finally broke on me. I have saved all I was going to and it was time to cast on with a new hook. I pulled out my I hook and was off again.


To the right is my “H” hook attempt. On the left is my “I” hook,

Between baby L, work, and keeping food in everyone’s bellies I didn’t get to work on the scarf much but when I did it was always a joy. The whole thing only took a total of about 4 hours. I think the finished project speak for it self.

My favorite thing about this pattern? It’s fun! If you’re an easily distracted ‘hooker’ (like me!) you’ll enjoy this one. I sometimes can’t handle big projects with rows and rows of one stitch. With this pattern the motif works up quickly and with ease and utilizes different stitches and elements like turns and chains.  Much more interesting.

Do you have any extra special people om your list (Besides your kids and spouse of course)? Will you be crocheting them a gift? I’d love to hear about or see your creations!